What will we talk about?

Professional Counseling

Counseling is unique to you. We talk about what you bring to the session and I follow your lead. If you're not sure what you want to talk about, that's OK too. We'll get there. Through non-judgmental conversations and questioning we will determine where to start and how to move forward in the process. We will talk about your struggles, strengths, worries, fears and I'll also help celebrate successes. It can be intimidating to talk to a stranger, but after a few sessions that "newness" will fade away and we will develop our own unique relationship.

Executive Function Coaching

Coaching is a bit different than counseling, it's more directive. We will talk about the areas that you are struggling and work together to come up with strategies and skills to help you achieve your goals. Need help breaking down a research paper for a college course? We can do that. Don't know where to start? I'm here to help. Are you constantly forgetting appointments, deadlines and apologizing to people you feel you've let down? We will create a time management plan that is unique to you. Our coaching sessions will be hands on and we'll work side by side on whatever project you need to complete.

Do you accept my Insurance?

Professional Counseling

I accept Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Full fee or copay/co-insurance is due at the time of service.

I am an Out-of-Network provider for other insurance companies. I can provide you with a SuperBill to submit to your insurance company for full or partial reimbursement of your payment.

Executive Function Coaching

Executive function coaching is not covered by insurance companies

How much does it cost?

Professional Counseling sessions are $100 per 50 minute session. Executive Function Coaching sessions are $80 per hour.

I understand this may not be feasible for everyone. I do have a few reserved spots for individuals needing a reduced fee. If this is something you wish to discuss, please let me know during your initial consultation. I truly believe that counseling services should be available to everyone, and I am willing to work with you. 

Payment is accepted via cash, check, or credit card.

How long do sessions last?

Professional Counseling

The duration of counseling depends on the individual, their specific goals and progress.  We will typically meet for 50 minutes weekly, but some clients prefer every other week. It really it depends on your needs. 

Executive Function Coaching

Coaching sessions can last anywhere from 1 -2 hours. I typically suggest we meet for 2 hours to really make progress on an assignment/project. Many clients meet weekly or even twice a week around midterms, or finals. Other times, as the semester is moving along and clients pick up strategies, we decide to meet less. How long and often we meet will depends on your individual need.